Memorial Opportunities

Altar Bread, Rose for Life, and Sanctuary Candle

If you wish to donate the bread and wine for the week’s Sunday and daily Eucharist celebrations, the offering is $50. Opportunities to donate a Rose for Life are also available. The offering is $5 per week. The sanctuary candle may also be memorialized for $15 per week. Your memorial will be printed in the weekly bulletin. Please stop by the church office.

Memorial Leaves

There are leaves available in the vestibule of the church that you may memorialize. The offering is $500 to engrave a memorial leaf. Please fill out  this form and return it to the church office with your offering.

Memorial Pipe Organ

Various parts of our pipe organ may still be memorialized, with names engraved on a plaque at the rear of the church. Please contact Mr. Raymond Henderson at 516.334.6288 ext. 19 for more information.

Memorial Bricks

Memorial bricks at the base of the grotto housing the statue of Our Lady of Hope in front of the parking lot are also available. Please see  this form for more information.